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Printed Red Coffee Bags with Side Gusset Gravure Printing Coffee Pouch

1. Size : Customized 2. Thickness :80-150Mic 3. Feature : Moisture Proof 4. Material :PET/AL/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, OPP Matt/PET/PE 5. Style : Side Gusset Coffee Bag 6. Color : Print Up to 9 Colors 7.Surface Printing : Gravure Printing 8. MOQ: 30,000 PCS 9. Volume : 150g, 200g, 250g 10. Certificate : FDA Approved



Product Name

Food Grade Printed Coffee Bag Side Gusset Plastic Coffee Pouch with Heat Seal




Print Up to 9 Colors





Material Structure


Bag Type

Side Gusset Coffee Bags

Surface Printing

Gravure Printing


Based on Quantity, Thickness, Printing Color and Material Structure

Lead Time

13-15 Days (after confirming of artwork)

OEM Order



50g, 80g, 120g, 200g / Customized




Inner Plastic Poly Bag, Outer Standard Export Carton

Artwork Files

Ai, PDF Accepted

Trade Terms

EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR etc .


FDA Approved, ISO9001:2008, BRC

Shipping Port

ShenZhen / HongKong Port


1.Different Ziplock Include Press to Close, Slide Zippers, and Double Tracks.
2. Hang Hole Allow Coffee Bags to Hang in a Display (Round Hang Hole, Euro Slot )
3. Tear Notches Help Facilitate the Opening of the Bag
4. With Tin Tie
5. Degassing Valves can Help Coffee to Stay Fresh and The Out Gas is Released
6. Material Structure PET/AL/PE ,PET/VMPET/PE, OPP matt/PET/PE
7.Thickness 90-150Micron


1) Whole Bean Coffee Packaging Bags

2) Stand Up Bags for Roasted Coffee

3) Ground Coffee Pouches

4) Flavored Coffee Pouches

5) Organic Coffee Packaging

6) Loose Coffee Packaging

Payment Terms

30%T/T in Advance for Deposit, 70%T/T Balance Against the Shipment


Email : sales@plastics-packing.com

Website: www.plastics-packing.com



Product Description:

1. Size : Customized
2. Thickness :80-150Mic
3. Feature : Moisture Proof
5. Style : Side Gusset Coffee Bag
6. Color : Print Up to 9 Colors
7.Surface Printing : Gravure Printing
8. MOQ: 30,000 PCS
9. Volume : 150g, 200g, 250g
10. Certificate : FDA Approved

Our Bag Capacities / Weights Mentioned Below are Based on Roasted Coffee Beans Weight. The Capacity for Other Products May Vary Depending on Their Density .


Our Advantages of Side Gusset Coffee Bag:
1. We are the OEM factory with 15 years experience for side gusset coffee bag, cooperated with Disney, Samsung, Avon, LOREAL, etc.
2. We have imported stand up pouch coffee bag machines and professional employees.
3. Best & Professional service of stand up pouch coffee bag.
4. On time for stand up pouch coffee bag delivery.
5. Small quantity of stand up pouch coffee bag is welcomed.
6. Creative stand up pouch coffee bag Designer-team we own.
7. Pass the Europe test.
8. Always provide our best after sale service for the oversea customers.

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What we can do ?

Payment Terms :

30%T/T in Advance for Deposit, 70%T/T Balance Against the Shipment
Pay by T/T , Western Union , PayPal, L/C at Sight etc.
Customers can choose which payment ways that you accept , pls kindly let us know

Packaging and Shipping :

Packaging : Inner Plastic Poly Bags , Outer Standard Export Carton

Shipping : Send by Sea Shipping , Fedex, DHL, UPS etc .

About Our Factory :

Production Process :
1. Make Copper Plate / Cylinder Making
2. Printing
3. Curing
4. Laminating
5. Bag-Making
6. Packing
7. QC
8. Finished Goods
9. Shipment


Our Sales Team
Our team of sales professionals understands your needs and will ensure your event is successful from start to finish.No request is too large or detail too small when it comes to representing our clients and exhibitors, in fact, we are known for doing "Whatever it takes."Contact one of our Sales Professionals today and let us show you how we can help make your next event simply unforgettable.


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 1.How to place an order ?
 It's easy to make order,only two steps:1.To provide design drawings ,can be PSD,AI,CDR or PDF format,should be with separate layers ,so that we can make cylinders according the artwork.We'll prepare the pre-printing graphics with size,requirements of sealing and hole, number of colors and sent to you for approvel;2.Pay the deposit,to determine the contract and payment mothods,payment of fees ,mold fees and 30% deposit,we'll begin to make cylinder and order materials when receiving the deposit,normally ,could be delivered in 12 days.
 2. How about the samples ?
 There are two kinds :1.ready-made samples,could provide free samples for checking material,size and quality,you only need to pay delivery charge ;2.customized samples,if fully customized according to your request,you need to pay samples fee(usually about $310),cylinder fee(if there is printing ,one color one cylinder),mold fee(for bottom,holes and special shape) and freight charge.All these charge could be returned,it depends on the specific order quantity .
 3. How many colors can you print at most ?
 Up to 9 colors we can print ,means CMYK+white and 4 other special colors ,9 colors could meet 99% color printing requirements ,rarely have more than 9 colors ,and it will become very difficult if more 9 colors ,it's difficult to guarantee the quality of printing .Our printing technology is very good ,this is our a big advantage .
 4. What's the MOQ ?
 It depends on the size ,material and usage ,no way to fixed .Usually,the MOQ of bag (pouch) is 20,000 pcs,if the bag is very small ,such as 50*100mm or less ,need at least 100,000 to order .The MOQ of film is 200kg,if it's usage and requirements are very special ,you need to order 500 or 1000 kg .Of cause ,we can accept even lower than the quantity of MOQ ,but the price will be higher .
 5. What is the workflow for the computer design system to complete the design ?
 In the design of the system workflow is as follows: ① first press the final size of the image to scan the original, and in the image software to adjust the image, and can complete some creative design work.② in the graphics or typesetting software in the layout design work: including the input text, drawing graphics, into the image. ③ to be finalized, the document will be sent to the output center output film. Laser imagesetter is to use PostScript language, the RIP (raster image processor) to describe the layout of the dot-matrix image, and divided into C (cyan), M (magenta), Y (yellow), K (black) sheet. If the final requirements of the design is not output film, but a large color inkjet-like, then use the printer can output
 6.What is the printing color ?
 Printing color is composed of different C, M, Y and K percentage of the color, so called mixed color is more reasonable. C, M, Y, K is commonly used in the printing of the four primary colors. In the printing of primary colors, these four colors have their own color version, the color version of the record of the color of the network, these outlets are generated by the halftone screen, the four color plates together to form a Defined primary colors. Adjust the color version of the dot size and spacing can form other primary colors. In fact, in the paper above the four printing colors are separated, but the phase is very close, because of our ability to distinguish the eyes have some restrictions, so do not tell. The visual impression we get is the blending of colors, producing a variety of primary colors. Y, M, C can be synthesized almost all colors, but also black, because the Y, M, C produced by the black is impure in the printing to be more pure black, and if Y, M, C to produce Black ink will appear too many local problems.
 7.When making cylinder, the original manuscript to be divided into C,M,Y,K four-color, what is the color ?
 Color drawings or color photos, the number of colors on the screen there are thousands. It is almost impossible to print this thousands of colors in one color. Printing on the use of four-color printing method. That is, the first manuscript to color decomposition, divided into four-color version of CMYK, and then when the color printing synthesis. The so-called "separation" is based on the principle of subtraction, the use of red, green and blue filters on different wavelengths of shade with selective absorption characteristics, and the original decomposition of yellow, blue and green. In the separation process, the color filter is absorbed by the color filter itself is complementary light, as well as in the photographic film, the formation of black and white image of the negative, re-screening, constitute a network of negative, the final copy, tan into various colors Plate. This is the earliest photographic color separation principle.As the development of printing technology, we can now through the pre-press scanning equipment, the color of the original color separation, sampling and converted into digital information, that is, using the same method of photography with the original color is divided into three RGB color, and digital, The computer decomposes the digital information into CMYK four-color information through mathematical calculation.
 8. Why should i add screen before printing ?
 Because the printing process determines the printing can only use the network to reproduce the original manuscript of the continuous adjustment level, if the enlarged view, you will find that is composed of numerous outlets of different sizes. We see the network size, although different, but occupy the same size of the space position, this is because the original image after screening, put the image is divided into numerous rules arranged in the network, that is, continuous tone image information into discrete points Image information. The larger the dot, the darker the color, the darker the level; the smaller the dot, the lighter the color, the brighter the level. The fixed space position of each dot is determined by the number of screens, for example, 150 lpi for 150 dots per inch of length or width. The location of dot space and dot size are two different concepts, for example, C50% represents the meaning of the network size of the network space accounted for 50% of the location, 100% refers to the size of all network coverage dot space position, known as the printing of the " Field ", 0% because there is no network, only the network space position, so this place is not printed on the ink. Obviously the greater the number of hanging mesh, network space occupied by the smaller, can describe the level of the more delicate. In fact, the level and color of the manuscript is reproduced through the method of hanging the net.


If you're in need of it, welcome to buy and wholesale the quality printed red coffee bags with side gusset gravure printing coffee pouch from our factory. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China who will offer you the customized service. Check the quotation with us now.

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